Wednesday, June 01, 2016


"Turbulent Wake" choreographed by Tyler Gilstrap
Photo: Shay Felknor


APRIL 2016

"Wake-Up Call" choreographed by Brian McGinnis
Photo: Shay Felknor

The Fine Arts Center Dancers performed two evening concerts in April that included choreography by Guest Artists Brian McGinnis, Tyler Gilstrap, Nathan Makolandra and Katarzyna Skarpetowska. Elizabeth Wright, FAC Dance Faculty, also premiered her work "Walk" on the program.

"Love is for the Poets: choreographed by Kate Skarpetowska
Photo: Shay Felknor
"Love is for the Poets"
Kate Skarpetowska
Photo: Shay Felknor

"Love is for the Poets"
Kate Skarpetowska
Photo: Shay Felknor



MARCH 2016

Seven Fine Arts Center Dancers attended the National High School Dance Festival in Pittsburgh, PA in March where they took classes by college dance professors and professional dancers, saw the Parsons Dance Company perform, attended performances by high school dancers, and attended auditions. The dancers received 33 call-backs, summer dance intensive acceptances and scholarships.

Dancers at Point Park University

Ellen Kilby and Peyton Lemen -FAC Dancers
speak with Christian von Howard,
Dance Professor at Montclair State University

TYLER GILSTRAP-Guest Artist and Choreographer

Tyler Gilstrap
Guest Artist
February 2016

Dr. Fluhrer with Guest Artist Tyler Gilstrap and FAC Dancers

Dancers rehearsing "Turbulent Wake" with Tyler Gilstrap

FAC Dancers-AM Class with Tyler Gilstrap

Tyler Gilstrap set two new works of choreography on the Fine Arts Center Dancers, which were performed in the FAC Dance Concert in April and in the Spring Showcases in May. 

"Turbulent Wake" Photo: Shay Felknor
Choreographer’s statement: Turbulent Wake is a play on words. Wake Turbulence by definition is turbulence that forms behind an aircraft as it passes through the air. It has often been called the “invisible Enemy” for many pilots because planes can get caught in it and lose control.  As an artist, I love to explore the idea of the collective versus the individual and the turbulence it often causes. 

"Great Day!" Photo: Shay Felknor
AM Dancers in FAC Dance Concert April 2016

BRIAN McGINNIS-Guest Choreographer

"Wake-Up Call" performed in the Fine Arts Center Dance Concert

Brian McGinnis Dance Residency
November 2015

Brian McGinnis returned to the FAC to set two new works on the dancers and to restage "Run" that was commissioned by the Fine Arts Center in 2009 and premiered in April 2010.

He choreographed “Wake-Up Call” that identifies with the issue of gun violence as well as “The Things We Carry” that explores the multiplicity of what we hold onto and how it affects our inner landscape.

Brian McGinnis in rehearsal

Sonic Creature-Performance

The FAC Dancers performed "Sonic Creature" in the FAC Dance Concert in April 2016
Choreography: Nathan Makolandra
Photos: Shay Felknor
"Sonic Creature" choreographed by Nathan Makolandra

FAC Dance Concert-photo: Shay Felknor

Nicole Pavia in "Sonic Creature"

Rachel Bierly in "Sonic Creature: