Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Tim Glenn is Guest Artist October 21 through October 27, 2012

Jan Woodward received an “Innovative Art Special Project Grant” from the State Department of Education to bring Tim Glenn to the Fine Arts Center for a dance residency. "Tim Glenn is Associate Professor in the School of Dance at Florida State University where he teaches courses in dance technology including dance video and projection design, as well as offers modern dance technique and repertory courses primarily influenced by the Nikolais/Louis philosophy and method of performance. His primary interests in dance technology include digital media, videodance, telematics, and multimedia theater… He has worked as videographer for the Paul Taylor Dance Company's Repertory Preservation Project since 2003 and has documented 27 masterworks by Taylor.” “Glenn is a former member of the Nikolais & Murray Louis Dance Company, the Melrose Motion Company, and is the Artistic Director of Performance Tech - Tim Glenn and Company. Influenced by his mentor, Alwin Nikolais, Glenn enjoys “total theater” design, including costume design and construction. Choreographing since 1987, Glenn’s repertoire has been performed internationally in The Netherlands, Japan, as well as in numerous national venues.” The dance
photo is of Doven Souls one of his recent choreographic works. Photo credit: Jon Nalon. For more information: http://www.timglenn.us/TimGlenn/Doven_Souls.html